What it means to be a refugee

Author Neil Gaiman visits Syrians in Jordan to discover daily life as a refugee

In 2013 51.2 million people were displaced globally; 32,300 fleeing each day. But big numbers can leave people numb to the daily reality of life as a refugee: language barriers, social stigma, the struggle to find work, the loss of loved ones.

In this film, UNHCR high profile supporter, author Neil Gaiman, visits Syrians in Jordan’s Za’atari and Azraq camps, to hear their stories. Jordan hosts more than 628,000 Syrian refugees, 85 per cent of whom live in urban areas, according to the UN’s refugee agency, UNHCR.

The five-year Syrian conflict is one of the key drivers of sky-high displacement numbers. Some 3.9 million people are scattered across the MENA region, according to the UN. UNHCR predicts this figure will reach 4.27 million by the end of the year, the worst exodus since the Rwandan genocide 20 years ago.

On World Refugee Day, on June 20, UNHCR will release the latest figures for displacement in the world. Here, Gaiman shows some of the individual stories, repeated millions of times over.