First lady Rosalynn Carter brings mental health fight to the GCC

Former US first lady Rosalynn Carter speaks out about her lifelong quest to end the stigma of mental illness

Former US first lady Rosalynn Carter has for 46 years campaigned to end the stigma of mental illness. Through the Carter Center, the foundation established with her husband, former US President Jimmy Carter, she has fought to raise global awareness of mental health issues, and to remove the barriers that prevent people from receiving proper care.

Among the centre’s initiatives is a fellowship programme that provides stipends to journalists to report on topics related to mental health. Over two decades, 165 journalists in five countries have been awarded one-year fellowships, in an effort to increase the quantity and quality of mental health reporting. Now, this programme is extending to the GCC.

In May and June, the Carter Center announced it would pair with partners in the UAE and Qatar to develop the Middle East’s first mental health fellowship programmes for journalists. In the following video, Carter speaks out about her “lifelong quest to advocate for the needs of those with mental illness”.